Chair Massage

Help Those Around You Claim Their Calm Today

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The Facts

Is Stress a Big Deal?  Yes. It is.

  • Over 50% of lost workdays are stress related which keeps about 1 million people per day from attending work

  • 40% of job turnover is due to stress​

  • Health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress

  • Stress accounts for $26 billion in medical and disability payments and $95 billion in lost productivity per year


Chair Massage

It Can Help. Really.

  • Relieve Stress

  • Relieve Fatigue

  • Decrease Anxiety and Hostility

  • Create a Feeling of Well Being

  • Create Sharper Mental Focus

  • Improve Creative Thinking

  • increase Job Satisfaction


Book Now

Starting at $90 per hour, 2-hour minimum, each person will receive a 15-minute chair massage.

To inquire more about scheduling a massage event at your business or event, please contact Alexandria at (757) 598-3387 or by email at