So, What Do I Need?

Don't fret!  You don't have to choose. Each signature massage will include a free consultation where we will go over your specific needs and how to treat them. Every massage can incorporate any options you like. 

Options that I may include in your session are Swedish Massage, Hot stone, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, & Reiki. Each 60 or 90-minute massage may include options such as a sugar scrub, Biofreeze, Prossage Heat, & aromatherapy. Hot stones are available for 90 minute massages. If you would like more information, keep reading below.



Aromatherapy and Scrubs

Aromatherapy and scrubs is a great way to take your relaxation to the next level. Aromatherapy incorporates scented oils into your massage. Benefits may include reducing stress, anxiety, increasing calmness and relaxation. 

Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliation and moisturizing while getting a relaxing foot massage. Scrubs are made with coconut oil.  

Enjoy as a part of any 60 or 90 minute massage for no extra charge. 

Aromatherapy at Claim Your Calm Massage in Hampton, VA

Swedish Massage

Both energizing and relaxing, Swedish massage eases muscle tension and creates other health benefits. It is a classic massage that will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation.

Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure. Soft kneading strokes may also be used in combination with light rhythmic tapping strokes.

Enjoy a 30 minute massage for $45

Enjoy a 60 minute massage for $75 

Enjoy a 90 minute massage for $100

Swedish Massage at Claim Your Calm Massage in Hampton, VA

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage can relieve muscle tension and pain. It can reduce stress, anxiety, promote relaxation, and help you achieve better sleep. Hot stones can also have a positive impact on depression.

This massage uses heated synergy stones on specific areas of your body. The heated stones will be used in long strokes, circular movements, tapping, and kneading. They can be used on all areas including back, arms, chest, stomach, hands, legs, feet, and toes.

Enjoy a 90 minute massage for $100

Hot and cold stones used by Claim Your Calm Massage in Hampton, VA

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is a great option if you are dealing with pain along with stress or mental health issues. This technique helps relieve stress in the body and can remove severe tension.

This technique can also help with musculoskeletal issues, sport injuries, range of motion, and sprains. It can also help with things like chronic aches and pain, upper and lower back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

Deep Tissue involves firm pressure with slow and deep strokes to target the inner layers of muscle and connective tissue. Deep tissue reaches both muscles and connective tissue below the surface.

Enjoy a 30 minute massage for $45

Enjoy a 60 minute massage for $75 

Enjoy a 90 minute massage for $100

Deep Tissue services at Claim Your Calm Massage in Hampton, VA

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy can be another great technique to add into a relaxing massage to help deal with any pain in your muscles.

This technique addresses small, light knots that can develop in muscles known as trigger points. Trigger points can cause localized or referred pain.  It uses alternating levels of pressure on areas with muscle spasms. This massage involves pressure that is applied with fingers, elbow, and knuckles in time lengths up to 30 seconds.

Trigger point massage releases the tightest areas of your body to help improve range of motion, alignment and posture. When used regularly, it can help with chronic pain.

Enjoy a 30 minute massage for $45

Enjoy a 60 minute massage for $75 

Enjoy a 90 minute massage for $100

Trigger Point Therapy at Claim Your Calm Massage in Hampton, VA